Appetizer Menu

Choose six (6) from the list below for $15.95 per person:

1. Devilish crab puffs
2. Vegetable tray with dip
3. Spinach dip served with French bread
4. Five layer dip served with tortilla chips
5. Tortilla roll-ups
6. Antipasto and crackers
7. Savoury herb and cheese bread twists
8. Pesto chicken flatbread
9. Green chilies, bacon and cornbread squares
10. Phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese
11. Deviled eggs
12. Seafood mushroom caps
13. Assorted cheese tray with crackers
14. Meatballs and sauce
15. Seafood cream cheese layer dip
16. Almond crusted cheese ball with crackers
17. Chicken wings
18. Horn puffs with shrimp filling
19. Hot artichoke dip
20. Empanadas
21. Assorted fresh fruit tray

Please inquire if you wish to add any additional appetizers or if you would like to include a dessert option. Any additional item, add $2 per person.  To include a dessert, add $2 per person.